Novinky o Wammu a Gammu

Gammu 1.25.93

Gammu 1.25.93 has been just released. This is just a bugfix release heading to 1.26.0 next week.

Full list of changes:

You can download it from

Vydal Michal Čihař dne 31. srpna 2009

Kalkun 0.1.3beta is out

Kalkun 0.1.3beta is out guys.


Vydal Michal Čihař dne 31. srpna 2009

New Wammu website

Wammu and Gammu now have brand new website.

Welcome to brand new website for Gammu, Wammu and related tools. It has been written to concentrate all related content in one place and create single entrance point to anything Gammu related.

If you want to know technical details, it is built using Django and you can find it's code in git repository.

I hope you will love it.

Vydal Michal Čihař dne 7. srpna 2009