Novinky o Wammu a Gammu

Wammu 0.34

Wammu 0.34 has been just released. Here comes another mostly bug fix release, so if you had any problems, you're welcome to upgrade.

Full list of changes:

You can download it from

Support this program by donations

Vydal Michal Čihař dne 7. září 2010

Support Gammu and Wammu

Did you know you can support Gammu/Wammu on various social networks? You can like it on Facebook, share little bit of money with it using Flattr or just follow it on or Twitter.

This way your experiences can be spread to more users giving Gammu even bigger user base and more appreciation to its authors.

If you don't like these way, there are still other ways to contribute or you can simply directly donate to the authors.

Vydal Michal Čihař dne 6. září 2010

New online tools

Wammu website now offers also few online tools providing for example PDU encoding and decoding.

All tools are using python-gammu (currently 1.28.90). If you have an idea for other tool which might fit in there, don't hesitate to ask us.

Vydal Michal Čihař dne 27. srpna 2010

Gammu 1.28.90

Gammu 1.28.90 has been just released. This release contains lot of bug fixes, especially in SMSD, AT engine and Python bindings.

Full list of changes:

You can download it from

Vydal Michal Čihař dne 27. srpna 2010

Kalkun 0.2

Kalkun 0.2 has been released.

Added features:

Please look at the CHANGELOG for more details.

Vydal Michal Čihař dne 22. července 2010