Samsung GT-S3653W

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Podporované funkce


connection = at

Poznámka zadavatele (anglicky)

Note 1: My ~/.gammurc file contains the following:


device = /dev/ttyACM0 connection = AT

Note 2: Results of gammu --identify

[root@localserver ~]# gammu --identify Device : /dev/ttyACM0 Manufacturer : Samsung Model : unknown (GT-S3653W) Firmware : BCM2133x_SW_Release_SI1.3.30_V6.0_P7_R5.0 IMEI : 3xx69xx3xx9xx77 SIM IMSI : xx0xxxx9xx91xx8

Note 3: I am only using it for sending SMS so I haveb't tested other features.

O záznamu

Vytvořil Muhammad Shahab Hameed dne 26. února 2015 10:46.

Testováno na Gammu [Gammu version 1.34.0 built 12:04:44 on Feb 26 2015 using GCC 4.8].