Samsung SGH-E215L

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Podporované funkce


connection = at115200

Poznámka zadavatele (anglicky)

This phone has a slot for MicroSD card (up to 2Gb). It can be accessed by mounting (like a pendrive) it's detected as Agere MMCSD Storage; so transferring data is not a problem (mp3, videos, pictures, etc) It has a bluetooth, vga camera, FM radio and MP3 player.

Tested almost all features except Multimedia messaging

Running on Slackware 12.2 + Python 2.5.2 + wxPython + python-gammu 0.27 + Gammu 1.21.0 + Wammu 0.30.1

O záznamu

Vytvořil Diego Rucci dne 18. března 2009 3:52.

Testováno na Gammu 1.21.0.

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