Nokia N95 8GB

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Podporované funkce


connection = at115200

Poznámka zadavatele (anglicky)

It just gives an error message and asks to send error every time I try to do anything. "Error communicating with phone. Your phone doesn't support this function. Works fine with Nokia software in Windows. Tried all the AT connection options using USB. I am given two version numbers by WAMMU - 1.31.90 - WAMMU 0.36. WAMMU doesn't for some silly reason allow me to copy and paste all the phone info!!! Firmware = 64159.220508.

O záznamu

Vytvořil Gerard dne 29. dubna 2012 12:45.

Testováno na Gammu 1.31.90 - WAMMU 0.36.

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