Nokia 6101

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Více informací o telefonu může být na následujících stránkách:

Podporované funkce


connection = irdaphonet

Poznámka zadavatele (anglicky)

(Actual connection value used is "irda"... Wasn't listed above)

Please note that other features not listed above may or may not work with this phone. What I'm sure of is phone info and sending/saving SMS works (because these were the things I needed for a mini-project).

I also tested this on machines with the following OSs:

  1. Windows 2000 Professional SP4
  2. Windows XP Professional SP3
  3. Windows 7 RC

So far I was able to successfully connect the phone using Gammu with (1) and (3); however on (2) it appears that Gammu cannot connect to the phone (error appears: "Probably phone not connected.").

O záznamu

Vytvořil Christian Ronquillo dne 17. září 2009 15:07.

Testováno na Gammu 1.26.1.

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