Huawei E160

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Report has been created using Wammu 0.31.1. Device is an USB UMTS Modem accessible via /dev/ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1. The device has to be PIN unlocked by another application (e.g. Network-Manager) before accessible via Wammu. It would be helpful to have this PIN unlock feature (together with a tiny PIN / PIN2 / PUK management) also in Wammu. Furthermore I'd like to send commands for requesting Balance (*100#) or adding Airtime (104#) which would enable a lot of people to administrate their prepaid data cards with Wammu.

O záznamu

Vytvořil Debian Lenny dne 27. prosince 2009 23:18.

Testováno na Gammu 1.26.1.

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